Tour de Baby

In teaching childbirth education, I often compare labor and birth to endurance athletic events – the ways in which body and mind are challenged, how to keep focused and plan for the long haul, staying in a healthy frame of mind and pace your energy. So many similarities. Baby Cadel took this comparison to new heights.

When I first met his parents, we bonded over a shared love of physical fitness in general and in particular, an affinity for bike racing and the Tour de France. I was first introduced to this sport in the heyday of Lance Armstrong, and find this event fascinating – the sheer endurance and mental strength required, the constant challenge, the beautiful scenery, the drama that plays out over three weeks of racing. It is quite captivating.

When I found out they were planning to name their little guy Cadel – a name I have only heard because of a famed professional Australian cyclist and Tour de France winner Cadel Evans, it all seemed so fitting. But got even better when Cadel decided to make his grand entrance on the first day of the 2017 Tour de France! And in the spirit of this grand event, Cadel’s parents displayed superhuman amounts of physical and mental endurance and were so happy to finally meet their baby. I was particularly struck by Dad’s empathetic and expressive nature during their labor. You could feel that HE could feel every ounce of her pain. It was as if he literally went through it with her and carried her so beautifully throughout the challenge. I will forever be awed and inspired by them both and in love with the serendipitous way Cadel made his entrance to the world! Check back in 20 years or so to see if he becomes a professional cyclist.

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