“I am so incredibly grateful that you came into my life. Each night as I nurse my baby to sleep, I find myself reflecting on how this little treasure entered the world and made her way into my arms, and I am overcome with joy and gratitude. I could not have asked for a better experience and I credit so much of that to you. You gave me the confidence to trust my body and my baby. You gave me strength when I needed it, comfort when I needed it and you believed in me in my moments of doubting myself. I truly can’t thank you enough. I have no doubt you are doing what you were born to do – you do it so well!” – Erinn M.

“I have to tell you, it was the most amazing birth! We labored at home until 8 cm and delivered shortly after arriving at the hospital. Plus I was able to reach down and pull our baby out, which was simply incredible!! And honestly yoga had a huge part in it all, so thank you for doing what you do!! With the help of yoga, I was able to use a few yoga poses during labor, but also centering deep within. You incorporated that in your classes and frankly I took it pretty serious knowing that it would assist, and it totally did assist! You’re such a huge asset to the birthing community in Baltimore, I’m very thankful I was able to sync up with you! You rock, Heather!” – Anne W.

Heather was a part of my journey through all three of my pregnancies. During the first in 2009, she simply introduced the idea of natural childbirth to me through a casual encounter, and unknowingly changed my life forever. During the second in 2011, she was my Yoga Birth instructor. An inspirational teacher, I credit her for my being able to birth my daughter without an epidural, despite the need for Pitocin. The techniques I learned and practiced in her class were invaluable. During my third pregnancy in 2014, I had the privilege to call Heather my prenatal yoga teacher, my doula, and my friend. Her yoga class on Wednesday nights were the highlight of my week – I loved the community that formed among the expectant moms as well as the peace I felt during the practice. Heather gave me recommendations when I needed support in turning my breech baby, and in general, was a calming presence during what were sometimes anxiety-laden moments of pregnancy. Not surprisingly, Heather supported me during labor with the same encouragement and motivation that I’ve come to expect from her. Heather is the ultimate go-to resource for any woman expecting a baby! – Lauren R.

“I had very little yoga experience prior to meeting Heather – in fact, after years of suffering through many bad yoga DVD’s a long time ago I decided that yoga “wasn’t for me”. In the Fall of 2010 I was expecting my first child. One of my best girlfriends (also pregnant) was signed up for Heather’s Yoga Birth childbirth class, and convinced me to sign up with her. I am so grateful I did. Heather’s method of teaching is so warm and encouraging, and she has such a positive, open hearted approach. The Yoga Birth childbirth class was incredibly valuable to me and helped me focus on being present and at peace in the weeks prior to having my son. Heather covered all the basics of childbirth and opened my eyes to some amazing aspects of birthing I didn’t know about. She encourages all parents to go into the birth process making informed choices – but never makes you feel like your choices are the wrong ones. She truly is an open hearted instructor that cares for each of her Mamas and each of their personal journeys. When I became pregnant again three years later, one of the first things I did was march back into Heather’s yoga studio. Just hearing her voice again relaxed me. Now a Mom of a toddler, the time I took each week in Heather’s prenatal class was truly sacred  – as it was frequently the only hour I took for myself in an entire week. Heather’s inclusive and welcoming nature really facilitated our class to bond –  as we took time to chat prior to class about our individual progress. We learned so much, not just from Heather but from each other. Heather served as doula for the birth of my second son and she was an invaluable part of my experience. She met with my husband and I to talk about our first birth and our intentions. She was positive and encouraging as my pregnancy went on a bit longer than we expected. I ended up having an induction which was not what I had planned – but Heather helped me navigate the emotions that come with birth plans going their own way. Her presence on the day of my son’s birth was so calming – I felt safe and cared for. Her attention to me just after my baby was born and in the weeks postpartum were thoughtful and sweet. I am so grateful Heather has chosen to share her gifts as a teacher and resource – and that she has been a part of my birth experiences.” – Mary Y.

“I wanted to thank you again for the Yoga Birth class. My husband and I got a ton out of it. Most importantly, it provided us a structured and guided forum for us to think thru and discuss all our thoughts, fears, ideas, around the birth of our little one. We were talking about it last night – we definitely both feel much more informed and confident that we now have the information we need to make the best decisions around labor and delivery. The yoga part was an added benefit but also a way to help us have some additional techniques in our toolkit. And my husband shared that he’s hoping to continue to do yoga moving forward as he forgot how good it feels so that was an added bonus in my book :)” – Wendy J.

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