Sign In or Purchase Classes Online

Follow this link to reserve your spot in class, purchase a class passes online or register for Yoga Birth. See you on the mat!


2 thoughts on “Sign In or Purchase Classes Online

  1. Erika Marine says:

    Hi this is Erika and Ed Taylor and we are 2 months pregnant and also would like to get more detailed information of how to register for the April classes 2016.
    Thank you in advance and have a great weekend.

    Warm regards
    Ed and Erika


    • heatherhbrown says:

      Hi Erika and Ed! Congratulations on your pregnancy and thanks for your email! I’d be thrilled to have you join in the April Yoga Birth class!were you able to get from the web site to the Mind/Body registration page? The class is there but it is under “Enrollments”. I am on the road at the moment traveling but once at a computer I could walk you through it. Try from my web site under “Sign-in and purchase classes online” and look for Enrollments, then Yoga Birth for April. If you still can’t find it, could you email me directly at and I can take care of it for you when I get back to town Monday.


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