IMG_4803Yoga offers immense wisdom that can guide and support expectant moms through the changes and challenges of becoming the mother. The essence of Yoga Birth is “holding space” – bearing witness, offering non-judgmental support and encouragement and opportunities for self-discovery and community. The tools are movement, meditation, relaxation and labor support, but the goal is healthy, vibrant moms who grow healthy vibrant babies – raising global consciousness that how we gestate, birth and parent our little loves matters deeply and has the potential to elevate each individual and our collective humanity.

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Yoga Birth offers a comprehensive suite of services that will support you from the pregnancy test to the fourth trimester. Our services include prenatal and postpartum yoga, childbirth education, labor support and birth photography. Woven into these core services are complimentary practices such as Reiki, massage, aromatherapy and more. In addition, our community becomes a lifeline for many women, a link to both community and global resources, other moms-to-be and an ethos of self-care that continues to serve us beyond pregnancy into motherhood and for life.