Labor Support

A spiritual midwife makes the full agreement to support the innate holiness of birth. Anyone being with a woman giving birth who worships, attends closely, follows true and open hearts and wombs is a spiritual midwife. A full spiritual midwife is a healer with a commitment to maintain the wholeness of the birth experience.

Caroline Grace Keiper-3A birth doula is a trained, experienced labor companion – often a mother herself – who works with families throughout the childbearing cycle to provide information and education, physical and emotional support and advocacy. A doula functions as a spiritual midwife – holding the space for a birthing woman to dive into her depths and bring forth her baby as she feels best. A doula does not perform medical tasks or make decisions, rather she provides the knowledge, decision making skills, and confidence a mother needs to trust herself and take personal responsibility for her experience in collaboration with her care team. A doula is a team player – enhancing a partner’s ability to offer calm, confident support to a birthing mother and doing as little, or as much, as necessary to help them achieve their goals.

doula3Before birth, a doula helps expectant parents gather information and resources, answers questions, and helps craft birth preferences and ensure they are as prepared as possible to make these preferences a reality. During birth, a doula’s primary job is to provide consistent support for the birthing woman so she is calm, confident and comforted physically, mentally and emotionally. She does this by creating an optimum birthing environment, offering non-medical comfort measures, pain management, relaxation techniques, emotional encouragement and reassurance and decision making support.  After birth, a doula helps families to process their birth experience to bring the childbearing journey to a healthy completion and connects them with resources they need for further support of challenges such as breastfeeding and postpartum mood disorders.

My personal philosophy and experience as a doula is one of inclusivity – I support all moms to make the choices that they determine are best for their bodies, babies and births and offer loving support in a non-judgmental atmosphere. I have supported moms through births in all settings and all modes of delivery – home, birth center, hospital, unmedicated, medicated, cesarean – and support the unique journey of each woman with compassion and love. It is my belief that there is beauty in every birth, and the ultimate method by which the baby is born is of less consequence than the fact that each woman feels respected, supported, uplifted and as though she has autonomy, voice and choice in what happens to her body, baby in being throughout the mysterious and magical journey of pregnancy and childbirth!

If you are interested in working with me as your doula:

1. Contact me to inquire about availability for your due date.
2. Schedule an initial interview to ensure questions are answered, personalities fit and all parties are in agreement about roles and responsibilities.
3. Secure your due date with a deposit and contract.
4. Schedule 1-2 prenatal visits during which we discuss your relevant history, preferences, preparedness and a plan of action for the big day!
5. Enjoy your baby’s birth day with consistent, caring, non-judgmental support!