Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal Yoga






Practicing yoga during pregnancy is an unparalleled method of self-care during a time of physical, mental and emotional change. It is an ideal way to nurture your own body and spirit, and by extension, the growing body and emerging spirit of your child. Prenatal yoga can help you ride the changes and challenges of pregnancy with comfort, strength and joy and connect you to a community of other mindful moms who become a source of support, strength and encouragement for one another. In prenatal yoga, we practice postures to become deeply aware of our bodies, experience greater freedom and comfort in them as they grown and change. We practice mindful breathing to connect with our innermost wisdom and increase and direct our life force energy. We practice meditation to train our minds to maintain peace and presence in the moment, even in the face of challenges.  All levels of experience and stages of pregnancy are welcome to come and enjoy the multitude of benefits of yoga during pregnancy. See the schedule.

Postpartum Yoga/Yoga for Moms
yoga birth (2 of 1)Postpartum yoga is an excellent way to bring healing and closure to the childbearing journey. Enjoy a practice designed to meet you exactly where you are, whether you had your baby weeks ago, months ago – or even years ago! Small class sizes ensure the practice is tailored to the students in attendance. Movement and breath work focus on restoring pelvic floor awareness and health, improving posture and core strength, healing specific challenges such as diastasis recti – and always ending with time for deep relaxation and restful stillness.  All moms are welcome, provided you have been cleared by your care provider for return to movement. See the schedule.

Email Heather with any questions about whether these classes are right for you or for assistance with registration, location or other information.