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“The womb is where another human being, through her compassion and knowingness and her own devotion to living an awakened life, can facilitate or uplift the destiny of the soul inside of her. This is our gift on the planet as women. This is the way we can change the world and bring peace to the planet.” – Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa


Being a guide and inspiration along the childbearing journey is an invaluable gift to pregnant women and a deeply satisfying way to put yoga to work in the world. Your teachings nurture the whole being of both mother and baby, supporting a vibrant pregnancy, a healthy birth and an empowering transition into motherhood. If you feel called to do this deeply fulfilling work with this always in-demand niche within the global yoga community, this Yoga Alliance approved training is a thorough and inspirational foundation that will give you a depth of understanding of the every aspect of pregnancy, birth and mothering.

The training will examine the philosophies and practices of yoga as an ideal method for cultivating a healthy, centered, spiritually aware pregnancy, birth and transition into motherhood and prepare the teacher to offer it with profound knowledge, insight and mastery.

Two tracks of training are available. Take one, or both together, to compliment your current path of pregnancy/birth work or embark on an entirely new and deeply rewarding career of service and love.

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Warrior Mamas

TRACK 1/Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

This 85 hour, Yoga Alliance approved training will equip you to teach prenatal yoga with inspiration, knowledge, creativity and mastery. It is appropriate for yoga teachers, serious students of yoga and birth workers such as midwives, doulas and birth educators wishing to expand their knowledge of yoga and deepen the repertoire of skills. See details and dates.

TRACK 2/Yoga Birth Conscious Birth Facilitator & Labor Support Training –

Labor SupportAvailable to certified or experienced teachers of yoga AND graduates of Track 1, this track offers a more in-depth examination of thephysical, emotional, spiritual, cultural and political realities of birth. Learn how to support women through the childbearing year by understanding the impact of the prenatal period and birth on the mother/baby dyad and take your work as a prenatal yoga teacher to a deeper, more comprehensive level by offering yoga-based childbirth education and labor support. See details and dates.

An application is required to participate in these trainings.
Email Heather with questions or to request the application.