Conscious Birth Education and Labor Support Training

Birth GoddessYoga Birth Conscious Birth Class is a wildly popular, highly-effective, active & embodied method of preparing to give birth to both the baby and the mother. This method does not espouse any one approach to birth as superior. Rather, it holds the space for all possibilities, focuses on empowering the mother with knowledge, skills and intuitive wisdom in order to make her own choices from a place of conscious awareness.

Yoga Birth uses the philosophies of yoga as the lens to understand the Self and the self – how birth works and how to work with birth in an empowered and active way that honors the sacredness of birth as an important rite of passage for all involved.

For over a decade, Heather has been honing this approach to childbirth preparation and she is thrilled to share with others her success in empowering families to take personal responsibility for the quality of their birth and their lives in this Yoga Birth Conscious Birth Facilitator & Labor Support training. Join us to develop a well-rounded skill set to serve expectant moms and support them on their journey toward a healthy, empowering birth. A truly rewarding and lucrative career of service and love.

The proposed scope of study is a foundation and will ultimately be shaped by the interests, needs and experience of those in attendance.


• Pregnancy as yoga practice
• Philosophical and practical ways yoga and birth intersect
• Asana, breathwork, meditation & energetic practices for an
active, embodied birth
• How to use movement to facilitate ease in birth
• Childbirth as a rite of passage & opportunity for spiritual growth
• Connecting & bonding with the unborn baby
• Yoga as a way to encourage connection, trust, intuition
and wisdom in decision making

• Anatomy & physiology of childbirth
• Mechanisms of normal birth
• Active management of labor
• Birth options and evidence-based birth
• Potential labor complications
• Natural, medicated & cesarean delivery
• Risks and benefits of birth interventions
• History, politics & culture of birth
• Postpartum needs & healing

• Needs of a laboring mother
• The doula’s role
• Navigating birth environments
• Creating supportive relationships
• Honoring and supporting all birth choices
• The doula as spiritual midwife
• Fine-tuning your unique skill set
• Scope of practice

Take Track 2 together with Track 1 for a comprehensive program that will truly prepare you to root yourself in the service of mothers, babies and families.

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