Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

January – April 2019

This 85-hour, Yoga Alliance training will examine the philosophies and practices of yoga as an ideal method of cultivating healthy, vibrant and spiritually aware pregnancy, birth and transition to motherhood. Led by one of the East Coasts’s most experienced and knowledgable teachers, the training will equip you to teach prenatal yoga with inspiration, knowledge, creativity and mastery. Appropriate for yoga teachers, serious students of yoga and birth workers such as midwives, doulas and birth educators who wish to expand their knowledge of yoga and deepen their repertoire of skills.

These topics are just the beginning of what will be offered in this dynamic training, taking into consideration the experience, needs and objectives of the participants to guide the direction of the study. 

• Anatomy & physiology of pregnancy
• Trimesters of pregnancy
• Pelvic floor health
• Asanas to emphasize, modify or avoid
• Incorporating various styles of yoga into practice
• Creating intelligent and inspiring sequences
• Therapeutic support for common discomforts
• High-risk pregnancy concerns
• Touch & Adjustments
• Creative & effective use of props

• In-depth study of the energetics of pregnancy including koshas, chakras, gunas
• Pranayama for pregnancy
• Chanting, visualization, vocalization
• Intention setting
• Yoga nidra guided relaxation
• Stress reduction & pain management
• Celebrating the sacred feminine

• Yoga as holistic, embodied preparation for childbirth
• Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tools for birth
• Labor and birth basics
• The politics of birth
• Evidence-based care and choices in childbirth
• Postpartum Issues, concerns and practices

• Holding sacred space – our role as teachers
• Creating community & connection
• Developing a unique, authentic voice to share with students
• Creating a referral system
• Marketing your classes
• Developing & offering complimentary services

DATES: January 11-13, February 8-10, March 8-10, April 12-14
Fridays 6:30-10 PM, Saturdays 1:30 – 8:30 PM and Sundays 12-4 PM
COST: $1,350 (payment plan available)

EMAIL HEATHER with any questions or *REGISTER HERE*   


RPYT  Read more about the instructor here.