The Yogi Doula

Eleanor Wren-19The Yogi Doula is a four day training designed for prenatal or pregnancy-interested yoga teachers who wish cultivate the art of labor support as an addendum to their teaching and for doulas who wish to add an understanding of yogic tools and philosophy to their existing labor support practice. In this training we will explore what it means to support expectant moms through the rite of passage that is childbirth, and learn to do so with presence, non-judgement, knowledge and love. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to increase your skill set or add an entirely new dimension to your practice with a highly experienced yogi and doula. Join us for a great week steeped in practice, community and learning!

Some of the topics we will explore include (but are not limited to):

Yogic Principles in Pregnancy & Birth
Holding the Space
Physical Support
Emotional Support
Informational Support
Working with the Partner & The Care Team
Physiological Birth & Active Management of Labor
Strategies for Slow Labor & Other Atypical Scenarios
Prenatal Nutrition & Other Modalities of Optimum Health
Supporting Through Loss
Contracts, Marketing, Business Considerations
Prenatal and Postpartum Visits
Creating Communities of Support
And more!

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